not just a load of old bull dozers

Rare Machines

The New Zealand Caterpillar Experience collection is totally unique and privately owned. Here are three of our star attractions – extremely rare machines that you may have difficulty finding anywhere else in the world...

1937 Speeder

Five of these were imported into New Zealand, and ours is one of very few left in the World.

The total number of Speeders built is unknown, but it is believed only five were imported into New Zealand: three face shovels and two draglines. The Speeder Machinery Company was one of many Caterpillar® approved auxiliary equipment manufacturers who supplied Caterpillar® with a vast array of attachments.

The machine featured at the New Zealand Caterpillar Experience was found in Porangahau on the East Coast of the North Island. Over 40 years of sea spray had taken its toll but the machine was completely restored, stripped and rebuilt to working condition.

1928 15 Motor Patrol

Vey rare machine !   Caterpillar® purchased Russell, the manufacturer of the grader frame, in 1928.

Our unit would have been amongst the first produced by Caterpillar in their own right. Hundred's of hours were spent completely rebuilding this machine to working order. One of our favourites!

A Collection of Caterpillar Experience Rare Machines

1941 42 GMC CLL353 6x4 Cargo

Used as a workhorse for the war effort during World War II, many of these trucks were rebuilt after the war and used for logging in New Zealand. They carried some huge loads and very few have survived to today. Ours is a Gillies rebuild #76.

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